We love that the year of the DRAGON KING has 2,222 ULTRA-Pinyin Domains – But we also loove finding additional domain addresses to make The Dragon Portfolio even BETTER! Check out the NEW & ADDITIONAL domains we add from time to time.

Updates listing HERE on Lucky Page #1300 –

EXTRA DOMAINS come in two different category’s – THE ONES THAT EXPAND THE SIZE OF THE COMPANY (new domain names)… Which are those like the ones below that are active domains added to the portfolio as more “FOREVER” digital property expansion… After all Domains have been around for over 30 years and they aren’t going away even with Ai’s a part of the internet.

BUT THERE ALSO and other ways to grow the company – Always remeber that the 2000+ domains can each become their own page and even their own site with multiple pages as your company and team grow. By adding content to each authoritative web site ……. that in itself will allow tremendous growth in visitors and sales. THUS BRINGING CONSTANT GROWTH TO THE COMPANY.

Even if a site has lower traffic you will be able to create a structure and search engine that allows the connection of all the different info-content pages together to multiply the power of EACH DOMAIN into a powerful WORLD of DOMAINS ! – No-one can diminish the economic power of this portfolio with the range of domains you have.

THEY ARE ALL TOOLS WAITING FOR YOU TO PUT INTO USE. The really nice thing is that once they are implemented you will have minimal maintenance required on the majority of web pages yet still keeping them productive.