The Domains in our Portfolio – A total of 2024 Domains (and growing) have NEVER had any content in the various pages… and YET -They are already attracting good natural traffic from ALL over the world – not just from China Inquires either.

You need to remember that PINYIN is an international language – Purposely designed to CONNECT both Chinese and many other countries and language speakers around the world. And the traffic we see here without any CONTENT shows that people are doing this

1 – Looking for helpful content information about a WIDE arrange of products and services and cultural things about China.

2 – And use the built-in internet search engines on their phone to reach out and find needed answers to many subject.

3 – Also keep in mind that every CHINESE STUDENT learns PINYIN from kindergarten to around 15-16 year age. They are taught this in school and have 10+ years experience with writing pinyin. This has resulted in it being used in many different areas of Chinese culture including in menus, chat, stop signs an for things never really imagined by the original creators of PINYIN who wanted a way to enhance and grow the Chinese ECONOMY. All of this has been a 100% positive experience for the CHINESE PEOPLE AND COMMERCE IN GENERAL.