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Never has one device released us with such Speed ! Comfort and a way to go where we never went before. Our cars have changed us forever…

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked.

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Bùfèn.comPART /PARTS /piece / BùfènAUTO175
Chēliàng.comVEHICLE / (CARS & VehicleschēliàngAUTO175
Chēzūlè.comCAR RENTALchē zūlèAUTO175
Èrshǒuchē.comUSED CAR / AUTOèr shǒu chēAUTO175
Fādòngjī.comMOTOR / ENGINEFādòngjīAUTO175
Gōnggòngzhùfáng.comAUTO LOANS (S)gōnggòng zhùfángAUTO175
Háohuáchē.comLUXURY CARHáohuá chēAUTO175
Háohuájiàochē.comLUXURY SPORTS CAR-highendháo huá jiào chēAUTO175
Jiàochē.comCAR / Car-bus-limousinejiàochēAUTO175
Lúntāi.comTIRE / TIRES / Pneumatic Tirelún tāiAUTO175
Màichē.comSELL CAR (S) / To sell carMài chēAUTO175
Mǎichē.comBUY CAR (S) / To buy carMǎi chēAUTO175
Pǎochē.comSPORTS CARS/ racing bikepǎochēAUTO175
Piányichē.comCHEAP CARpiányi chēAUTO175
Qìchē.comAUTO / CAR / Bus/automobileQìchēAUTO175
Qìchēbùjiàn.comAUTO PARTS qì chē bù jiànAUTO175
Qìchēdiànchí.comCAR BATTERYQìchē diànchíAUTO175
Qìchēlíngjiàn.comCAR PART (S)Qìchē língjiànAUTO175
Qìchēxiūlǐ.comCAR REPAIRQìchē xiūlǐAUTO175
Qìpèi.comAUTO PARTSqì pèiAUTO175
Shuǐxiāng.comRADIATOR / WATER TANKshuǐ xiāngAUTO175
Sījī.comCHAUFFEUR/ driversī jīAUTO175
Xǐchē.comCAR WASHXǐchēAUTO175
Yǐnqíng.comENGINE (Loan word)YǐnqíngAUTO175
Zìdòngchē.comAUTOMOBILE / self driving?zìdòngchēAUTO175
Zūchē.comRENT CARZūchēAUTO175
Lúndūn.comTIRES – Wheel / air filledLún tǎiAUTO 175

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