PHOTOS & VIDEOS capture life!

How can you capture the world so real in a picture?
Its an amazing question considering how perfect copy photos are of our real life subject. But without photos we would lack the ability of look back in time as much as we really enjoy doing that. PHOTOGRAPHY gives us a unique window into the world we exist in. Without it our lives and history would be much less.

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Kuàizhào.comPHOTO / Snap Shotkuài zhàoPHOTOS94
Shèxiàngjī.comVIDEO / VIDEO CAMERA(S)shèxiàngjīPHOTOS94
Shèyǐng.comPHOTOGRAPHY-Photo /Movieshè yǐngPHOTOS94
Shǒujīzhàopiàn.comPHONE PHOTOShǒujī zhàopiànPHOTOS94
Túpiàn.comIMAGES / Picture /PhotographyTúpiànPHOTOS94
Túxiàng.comIMAGE /statue/picture /graphictúxiàngPHOTOS94
Zhào.comPHOTO / Take Photo/NAMEzhào – ZAHOPHOTOS94
Zhàopiàn.comPHOTOGRAPH / photoZhàopiànPHOTOS94
Zhàoxiàngjī.comCAMERAzhào xiàng jīPHOTOS94
ChinaDragonKing.comSEEK 88

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked.

Our goal is to help all our countries citizens truly benefit by working together in creating a BETTER friendship… And a happier world...

Through both knowledge and the use of unique domains and websites that will benefit trade between all countries.

China Dragon King will bring you useful information for both Chinese and American citizens interested in tourism a and visiting our respective countries. We also will offer information to BUSINESS citizens of both of our countries … Along with very unique domain names, what we call ULTIMATE CHINESE Domains.

Using the “Official Chinese” pinyin language and .com reliability will give you a link and marketing power that can help thousands of companies to develop more powerful websites reaching many customers worldwide.

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