Nothing is more worth celebrating than the day you pay off that loan that you excitedly wanted to “get” years ago! – The best way to build value is with your own money.

But sometimes a loan can make possible things in life that otherwise could never be obtained. And business loads do sometimes result in gains that would not happen without them. Its just that loans in themselves is the giving part of your value to others…

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked.

Our goal is to help all our countries citizens truly benefit by working together in creating a BETTER friendship… And a happier world...


Bābā 爸爸

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Bānkèsī.comBANKERS (personel)bānkèsīLOAN-BANK280
Dàikuǎn.comLOAN(s) / TO LOAN /CREDITDàikuǎnLOAN-BANK280
Dǎikuǎn.comLOAN / Bank LoandǎikuǎnLOAN-BANK280
Dàikuǎnlìlǜ.comCREDIT RATE / Score / Loan %dàikuǎn lìlǜLOAN-BANK280
Dāngpiān.comPAWN SHOPdāng piānLOAN-BANK280
Dǐyà.comMORTGAGE / home loan colat.dǐyàLOAN-BANK280
Fángdài.comHOME LOAN / mortgage loanfáng dàiLOAN-BANK280
ièkuǎn.comLOAN / lend money/borrowiè kuǎnLOAN-BANK280
Jièkuǎn.comLOANS / LOAN JièkuǎnLOAN-BANK280
Jīnróng.comFINANCE / Banking/ Financialjīn róngLOAN-BANK280
Wǎngshàngyínháng.comONLINE BANKwǎngshàng yínhángLOAN-BANK280
Wēishì.comCREDIT CARD (Like VISA, MC)Wēi shìLOAN-BANK280
Xìndài.comCREDIT / borrowed moneyxìn dàiLOAN-BANK280
Xìnyòngkǎ.comCREDIT CARD / CREDIT CARDSXìn yòng kǎLOAN-BANK280
Xìnyòngpíngjí.comCREDIT RATINGXìnyòng píngjíLOAN-BANK280
Zhàiwù.comDEBT /liability/indebtednesszhài wù LOAN-BANK280
Zhīpiào.comBANK CHECK / Chequezhī piàoLOAN-BANK280

Without the support and hard work of the many Banks across China the industrial and society growth of all of CHINA would have been impossible. Money drives SUCCESS – And success helps bring a better life and lifestyle to so many people in China and across the world.

Through both knowledge and the use of unique domains and websites that will benefit trade between all countries.

China Dragon King will bring you useful information for both Chinese and American citizens interested in tourism a and visiting our respective countries. We also will offer information to BUSINESS citizens of both of our countries … Along with very unique domain names, what we call ULTIMATE CHINESE Domains.

Using the “Official Chinese” pinyin language and .com reliability will give you a link and marketing power that can help thousands of companies to develop more powerful websites reaching many customers worldwide.

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