PERFECT WHITE SAND! Sun and a beautiful Chinese Beach & Ocean. Nothing is better than a walk on a beach with an ocean breeze to make you feel alive!

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked…

Our goal is to help all our countries citizens truly benefit by working together in creating a BETTER friendship… and a happier world. Through both knowledge and the use of unique domains and websites that will benefit trade between all countries.

China Dragon King will bring you useful information for both Chinese and American citizens interested in tourism a and visiting our respective countries. We also will offer to BUSINESS citizens of both of our countries … very unique domain names, what we call ULTIMATE CHINESE Domains. Having official Chinese pinyin language and .com reliability will give you a link and marketing power that can help thousands of companies to develop more powerful websites reaching your customers worldwide

Bābā 爸爸

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Běihǎi.comBEIHAI / CityBěihǎiCHINA-BEACH270
Bīchihoteru.comBEACH HOTELBīchihoteruCHINA-BEACH270
Dàlián.comDALIAN / China Beach City – DàliánCHINA-BEACH270
Hǎibiān.comSEASIDE / BEACHhǎi biānCHINA-BEACH270
Hǎijǐngfáng.comBEACH HOUSEHǎijǐng fángCHINA-BEACH270
Hǎinándǎo.comHAINAN ISLAND /Beach islandhǎi nán dǎoCHINA-BEACH270
Hǎitān.comBEACHHǎi tānCHINA-BEACH270
Hǎitānqiánmian.comBEACH FRONTHǎitān qiánmian CHINA-BEACH270
Qīngdǎo.comQINGDAO / China CityQīngdǎoCHINA-BEACH270
Rìzhào.comRIZHAO / China CityRìzhàoCHINA-BEACH270
Sānyà.comSANYA / China CitySānyàCHINA-BEACH270
Shādì.comSAND DUNES / Sandy Beach/ River Bankshā dìCHINA-BEACH270
Tàiyángwēnshēn.comSUN BATHINGtài yáng wēn shēnCHINA-BEACH270
Wēihǎi.comWEIHAI / Beach CityWēihǎiCHINA-BEACH270
Zhōngguóhǎitān.comCHINA BEACHESzhōng guó hǎi tānCHINA-BEACH270
Zhūhǎi.comZUHAI / China City ZhūhǎiCHINA-BEACH270

We will soon offer a selection of the Best Ultimate Pinyin names for purchase by both USA and CHINESE citizens and businesses… Also our entire website will eventually be for sale with over a thousand valuable Chinese language domains…. PLEASE KEEP US ON YOU MIND !!!