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Communication is a KEY to Happiness & Relevance… Without the ability to keep in touch with family and friends and business associates we are lost in the vast world we now live in…

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked.

Our goal is to help all our countries citizens truly benefit by working together in creating a BETTER friendship… And a happier world...

Bābā 爸爸

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Duìhu.comONLINE CHAT / dialog /conv.duìhuCHAT41
Duìhuàjīqì.comCHATBOTduì huà jī qì CHAT41
Hāi.comHI ! /loan wordhāiCHAT41
Huìhé.comMEEThuì héCHAT41
Jiǎnghuà.comTALK / To Talk / speakJiǎnghuàCHAT41
Jiāotán.comCHAT / Discuss / converse jiāotán.comCHAT41
Kāikǒu.comTALKING – / CHATKāikǒuCHAT41
Liáotiān.comCAT / CHATTING / GOSSIPliáo tiānCHAT41
Liáotiānshì.comCHATS / CHAT ROOMliáo tiān shìCHAT41
Nǐhǎo.comHELLO / Hi / How are younǐ hǎoCHAT41
Shìpínliánx.comVIDEO CHATshìpín liánxCHAT41
Shìpínliáotiān.comVIDEO CHAT / GOSSIPshìpínliáotiānCHAT41
Shǒujīwénzi.comPHONE TEXT /Mobile & Cellshǒujī wénzi CHAT41
Tán.comTO CHAT/Talk /Speak /DiscusstánCHAT41
Wǎngyǒu.comONLINE FRIENDwǎng yǒuCHAT41
Wénzi.comTEXT / Any writing / languagewénziCHAT41

Through both knowledge and the use of unique domains and websites that will benefit trade between all countries.

China Dragon King will bring you useful information for both Chinese and American citizens interested in tourism a and visiting our respective countries. We also will offer information to BUSINESS citizens of both of our countries … Along with very unique domain names, what we call ULTIMATE CHINESE Domains.

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