LOVE & ROMANCE and Beauty !

Is there anything we ALL want more of than love & Happiness?
Love and ROMANCE is what a majority of us want to find and experience in life. It consumes a large portion of our time and energy and even our financial efforts in reaching out to find that one special unique person…

Part of Love growing more deeper!

Sometime we succeed. And sometimes not so much!
But is an endeavor we all undertake and even repeat often because the benefits and rewards feel and are so incredible.

LOVE IS WHAT WE WANT THE MOST OF LIFE… That’s very much true world wide – NOT JUST IN CHINA.

LOVE & ROMANCE (Pretty Too!) –DOMAIN NAMES (Below)
All domain names listed below are included with the sale and purchase of our 2,222 Ultra Domain Portfolio – …

FIRST COLUMN = China Domain Names. (All Domain Names SELL with CDK Portfolio)

Pinyin words get displayed on every phone in the world when you request a Chinese Translation.
They are the power of the internet for your business.YOU CAN OWN THIS POWER!

Àidài.comTO LOVE & RESPECTài dàiLOVE78
Àiqíng.comLOVE (Romantic) / ROMANCEàiqíngLOVE78
Àishàng.comTO FALL IN LOVE WITHài shàngLOVE78
Àiwǒ.comLOVE MEài wǒLOVE78
Àixīn.comLOVE /Heart/Care/Compassionài xīnLOVE78
Bǎobǎo.comBABY / darlingbǎo bǎoLOVE78
Bǎobèi.comBABY / TREASURE (object)Bǎobèi LOVE78
Bǐxīn.comHEART SHAPPED POSE -fingersbǐxīnLOVE78
Chūn.comLOVE / Lust / Spring timechūnLOVE78
Dòngqíng.comEMOTIONS /passon / arouseddòng qíngLOVE78
Gōngzhǔ.comPRINCESS (zhao’s gift)gōngzhǔLOVE78
Huìmiàn.comRENDEZVOUS / Meeting/Conf.huìmiànLOVE78
Huǒlàlà.comSEXY HOT / Sexy / HEAT/ HOThuǒ là làLOVE78
Jiānyín.comSEDUCTION jiān yínLOVE78
Lǐwù.comGIFT / PRESENTlǐ wùLOVE78
Lǐwùkǎ.comGIFT CARDSlǐwù kǎLOVE78
Nàgèrén.comDREAM PERSON / the one!nà gè rénLOVE78
Mǎzǐ.comGIRL slang /girl/ chick/ babemǎ zǐLOVE78
Mǎzī.comBABY (Redirect to love)Mǎzī LOVE78
Mèngxiǎng.comFANTASYmèng xiǎngLOVE78
Nánrén.comMEN / man / a malenán rénLOVE78
Nányǒu.comBOYFRIEND /LOVER of womannán yǒuLOVE78
Nǚláng.comYOUNG WOMANnǚ lángLOVE78
Piàoliang.comBEAUTIFUL / PrettypiàoliangLOVE78
Qínàide.comDARLING / Dearest / Dearqínài deLOVE78
Qíngfù.comMISTRESSqíng fùLOVE78
Qíngfū.comLOVER / MaleQíngfūLOVE78
Qíngláng.comROMANTIC boyfriend / lover/ qíng lángLOVE78
Qíngr.comSECRET LOVER / mistressqíng rLOVE78
Qíngrénjié.comVALENTINES DAYQíng rén jiéLOVE78
Shǎn.comDISPLAY of attention/ dodgeshǎnLOVE78
Wǎngyòu.comONLINE FRIEND / Internet UserWǎngyòuLOVE78
Wěn.comKISS / To KisswěnLOVE78
Wǒànnǐ.comLOVE YOU = “I LOVE YOU”wǒ àn nǐLOVE78
Wǒxiǎngnǐ.comI MISS YOUwǒ xiǎng nǐLOVE78
Xǐài.comTO LIKE / TO LOVE/ Favorite.xǐ àiLOVE78
Xiānghǎo.comFRIEND / Intimate FriendXiānghǎoLOVE78
Xiǎosān.comMISTRESS / the other womanxiǎo sānLOVE78
Xìn.comTRUST / Truthful / FaithxìnLOVE78
Xìngfú.comHAPPINESSxìng fúLOVE78
Xìngyù.comDESIRE XìngyùLOVE78
Xīnniáng.comBRIDE / BRIDESxīn niángLOVE78
Yuánfèn.comFATE/DESTINY/ Joins peopleyuán fènLOVE78
Yuányīnrén.comMATCHMAKER/ Fate & predestyuányīnrénLOVE78
Zhèngmèi.comBEAUTIFUL / sexy womanzhèng mèiLOVE78
Zhìyù.comCUTE / heat/warms your heartzhìyùLOVE78
Zhōngguógōngzhǔ.comCHINA PRINCESSzhōngguó gōngzhǔLOVE78
Zhōngshìhūnlǐ.comCHINESE WEDDINGZhōngshì hūnlǐLOVE78
Zhōngxīn.comHEART / centre, core, centralzhōngxīnLOVE78

We appreciate your visiting – Our site is currently under development. In the future we will bring you HELPFUL information about both China and the USA – Especially about travel and cultural experiences. Hopefully OUR site will help show how DEEPLY our relationship has become interlinked.

Our goal is to help all our countries citizens truly benefit by working together in creating a BETTER friendship… And a happier world...

Through both knowledge and the use of unique domains and websites that will benefit trade between all countries.

China Dragon King will bring you useful information for both Chinese and American citizens interested in tourism a and visiting our respective countries. We also will offer information to BUSINESS citizens of both of our countries … Along with very unique domain names, what we call ULTIMATE CHINESE Domains.

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